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Alientech K-TAG Accessories


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Alientech K-TAG Accessories

Alientech K-TAG Accessories below you will see just some of the main Alientech K-Tag tuning accessories. Therefore, if you don’t see what you are looking for please mail the team. All Alientech tools, software and accessories are available.

  • Alientech K-TAG – Upper illumination deck upgrade
    Upper illumination deck and programming probes
  • K-TAG – Kit programming probes
    4x Programming probes
  • K-TAG – Positioning Frame
    Frame for bench tuning and probe location

Both master and salve Alientech tuning tools are available from stock. Set up training and support service is available. All accessory’s are also available. including frames, probes, cables and connectors.

If you are new to tuning with K-tag and need advice. Please mail teh support team. And training videos and training is also available and included with all tuning tools purchased

AI_Remap supply all Alientech tuning tools and accessories. As well as most tuning tools and operating system on the market. Both Master and Salve tuning tool are available. 

Ready to use tuning files for the trade and professional tuners. The AI-Remap tuning file service is open 24/7 and offers performance tuning files, DTC deletion services and function deactivation tuning files. International tax free sales subject to your location and worldwide shipping.  

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