Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, technical support is available for file services only.

Master tuning files and credits are non-refundable, nor can they be exchanged for other products or services.

The tuning file depository have over 30,000 file combination and is growing daily.

If for any reason the tuning file you want is not made available; you will have the option to manually submit your tuning files to either the quantum tuning or viezu technologies technical teams – for live custom bespoke file creation, this service is open 7 days a week, hours of service can be found on the respective web sites.

Credits are available in the ai-remap shop, you can simply pay as you go buying single credits or select one of the prepay in bundles to open up saving opportunities.

Tuning credits are available in singles from as little as £10.00 or in bundles. If you purchase 100 or more tuning credits, it can cost as little as £7.50per credit.

Many map requests are just one credit; DTC, Swirl flap, Vmax DPF, EGR, and many more are all just one AI Remap credit – go to the pricing page for more information.

AI Remap, can identify, and remove all engine ECU DTCs. Over 500 DTCsare listed on some ECU variants. Removing codes and using a vehicle on a public highway with DTCs removed; is entirely the purchaser’s responsibility.

If vital engine DTCs are selected to be removed; AI Remap bears no responsibilitywhatsoever for any consequences.

Yes, select as much, or as little as you want to change in each tuning file. Single DTC code removal is only one tuning credit.

AI Remap is a VAT registered UK company. If your purchase is made from within the UK, VAT will be added to the product at time of purchase.

However, if you are outside of the UK, your purchase will be zero rated for VAT. No tax will be added to non-UK sales.

Yes, AI Remap is an approved reseller for most tuning tools, Master and Slave, including map writing software. Alientech, Autotuner, Magic Motorsport, and other tools are kept in stock.

We sell our services worldwide including tools and software, tax free to most locations outside of the UK shipping available.

Yes, if you operate a Master Tuning Tool you can use this service right away.

If you operate your dealer network where you supply files; this is a great service for you – an extra pair of hands to help you carry the workload. This service is fast and reliable.

Yes, however you will need to arrange moving your tools to AI Remap.

The AI Remap service is open to all, operating all tuning tools.

The AI Remap service is nice and easy to use, simply navigate to the home page and see the file uploader “Simply Upload Your Original File Here to See the Tuning Options” once you have uploaded your original tuning file, the AI Software will identify the map and show you the available tuning options, select the options you want, and your file will be prepared ready to purchase.

All Master Tuning Tools, from all manufactures are supported.

If you have a Slave Tool, it will need to be linked to the AI Remap Master Tool to use the service. Contact to discuss linking your slave tool to us.

Alternatively, ask you Master to upload the original stock file for you and use our services in this way.

Yes, the AI Remap service never sleeps and is operational 24hours a day, 365 days a year. Serving and supporting customers from around the world.

AI Remap is based at the prestigious and world-famous Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit, Northampton, United Kingdom.

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