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AI Remap offers the ultimate chiptuning platform online, specifically designed for vehicle tuning workshops and independent tuning professionals.

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Why AI Remap


AI Remap is powered by proprietary E-Map Technology and driven two of the biggest and best tuning file services in the business. More than 40 years of combined experience in the automotive industry.

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How to use our ECU Remapping service – it’s quick and easy!

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Upload file from your vehicle | Simply upload the original ECU file from your vehicle for modification.

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Request chip tuning | Once uploaded, select the modifications you would like, using the customising menu, with live price updates. Tuned files will be completed in a few seconds, and made ready for you to download.


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View the options available by uploading the original software file. Service options include:
ECU Remapping, DTC Deactivation, Adblue, DPF / PPF, EGR, Popping and Banging, Burbles, Swirl-Flap Deactivation, Hot and Cold Start Issue, O2, Start Stop, V-Max Tuning and much more…

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Who is AI Remap?


AI Remap Technologies delivers game-changing innovation to the game tuning industry with its E-map Technology, which is collaboratively operated by the two most reputable and renowned organizations in the industry today.

There are two organisations – Quantum Tuning Ltd and VIEZU Technologies Ltd (QV) that have a commitment and a passion to deliver excellent customer service, have spent heavily on the development of new and existing methodologies, have achieved Quality Standards, and are the front runners in the industry. With this joint venture, a new benchmark has been set by both organisations, and now thanks to our collaboration Quantum and VIEZU are able to offer AI Remap to assist you in your tuning business needs.

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