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Tuning and ECU Remapping files from AI Remap

Tuning and ECU Remapping files from AI Remap. Pay as you go tuning files. No contract, no commitment. Simply purchase your tuning credits and exchange them live for ready to use tuning files from AI Remap.

Live Tuning file service, upload your original files 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Tuning and Remapping files, select from:

  • Performance tuning files
  • 600+ DTC ( Diagnostic fault code) deletion
  • DPF, OPF / PPF deletion
  • AdBlue deactivation
  • EGR delete
  • Swirl flap deactivation
  • V-Max / Speed limiter
  • O2 deletion

There are over 600 DTC’s (Diagnostic fault code) to choose from that can be deleted per ECU. Which are just 1 tuning credit. And you can combine any number of the above deletes and performance tuning for just 8 tuning credits.

Purchase in larger tuning bundles to receive discounted trade pricing. Credits will be added to your training account and do not have an expiry date. Simply pay and top up your tuning account as you need to.

UK sales are subject to 20% VAT. International sales are UK tax free. Worldwide sales and credit cards welcome.

Submit your original file here for tuning; Upload File 

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