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Alientech K-TAG Slave Tuning Tool

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Product Description

Alientech K-TAG Slave – Hardware

Alientech K-TAG Slave is the powerful tuning tool that allows direct connect to the ECU which gives reading and writing capability. And so  it is ideal for tuning and cloning vehicle ECU’s for professional tuners.

The Slave version of the Alientech K-TAG tuning tool is linked to a Master tool. Because of this it is the Master that will provide the ready to use and load tuning files. Therefore, when purchasing your K-TAG Slave tool please be sure to let us know which master you would like your tool linked to. However, if you don’t already have a master in mind. Then why not have your new tool paired to AI -Remap direct.


Alientech K-TAG Slave – Full Protocols

The K-Tag slave only has one level of activation. Therefore you can purchase just the hardware. However, once ready to activate, with the salve tool, it is always full activation

That will include these protocols and ECU’s:

  1. Activation for Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor Slave protocols
  2. Activation for Nexus MPC5xxx microprocessor Slave protocols
  3. Renesas SH705x microprocessor Slave protocols
  4. Activation for Mitsubishi MH72xx/MH8xxx microprocessor
  5. As well as, slave protocols activation for Mitsubishi MH72xx/MH8xxx
  6. Microprocessor Slave protocols activation for Infineon Tricore
  7. Slave protocols activation for ST10Fxxx
  8. Microprocessor Slave protocols activation for Motorola 68000HC
  9. Slave protocols activation for Motorola HC12 microprocessor
  10. Protocols activation for Renesas M32 microprocessor
  11. Slave protocols activation for NEC 76F00xx microprocessor
  12. Protocols activation for Motorola MPC5xxx
  13. As well as, the Freescale SPC56xxx microprocessor.


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